The Spa

 The Animal Inn Pet Boarding Kennel offers professional all breed bathing at reasonable prices.  We offer specialty shampoos and conditioners for an extra luxurious bathing experience.   We also have frequent bather cards-after 10 paid baths your pet will receive a free bath!  In addition to baths, we offer A La Carte spa services which are listed below.  We will be happy to schedule a bath for your pet on the day of check or anytime during your petís stay with us.


Professional All Breed Bathing

Includes: Green Clean Shampoo, Fluff Dry, Brush Out, Conditioning Spray, Nail Trimming & Ear Cleaning

Specialty Shampoos Offered:


Oatmeal Skin Relief


Medicated Neem Relief


Additional Options:

Coat Conditioner

Hot Oil Deep Conditioning

Flea/Tick Dip

A La Carte Services:

Nail Trimming

Teeth Brushing

Ear Cleaning

Brush Out w/Conditioning Spray























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